Membership of the club is subject to a joining fee of 10 and an annual membership fee, currently 45, which is payable on the membership renewal evening each September. Visitors may attend a meeting on payment of 5 and in the company of a member.

At the present time membership is full, but there is a waiting list. To join the list, please either approach a current member, make enquiries at one of the annual exhibitions or make your request by email from our Contact page.

Officers of the club, along with members of the committee, are elected at the Annual General Meeting each April. Those currently elected are:


President: Ann Wade
Chair: Judith Tomlinson
Vice Chair: Pam Bumby
Secretary: Margaret Day
Treasurer: Angela Hammond
Membership Secretary: Pat Hargreaves
Social Secretary: Daphne Jukes
Syllabus Secretary: Ian Hobson
Press Secretary: Tracey Kuprianka
Exhibition Secretaries: Sara Hargreaves and Fran Philby


Carole Gaunt
Stephen Ogden
Godfrey Shackleton