Meetings are held at Kirklands Community Centre, Menston, between 7:30pm and 9:30pm on Monday evenings. The programme is published annually and includes workshops, demonstrations, life classes, illustrated talks and appraisal evenings.

Syllabus for 2014 - 2015

  1 Membership
Re-join the club and order materials. The Dandy Art House display (Claire Staples) present.
  8 Demonstration
Rob Wareing: Pastel Portrait
15 Silk painting workshop
Lisa Shackleton
Materials provided if required
22 Illustrated talk
Pat Alker: 'Project Dukem and Adventures with the Colourful People of Ethiopia'
29 Picture night
John Ridyard
Bring your problem paintings (finished or unfinished) for help and advice

  6 Watercolour demonstration
Paul Talbot Greaves
13 Watercolour workshop
Paul Talbot Greaves: 'Achieving Contrast and Impact'
20 Illustrated talk
Valerie Shepherd: 'The Neolithic Age, The Great Pyramid and Sphinx'
Last evening for Autumn Exhibition entries
27 Life class
Jane Lazenby

  3 Demonstration
Nigel Overton: 'Seascape with Pip Seymour Acrylic Paints'
10 Workshop
John Ridyard: 'A Snow Scene'
Bring your favourite materials
15 Menston Autumn Exhibition
16 Menston Autumn Exhibition
17 Illustrated talk
Mary Swan: 'Gardens of Marrakech: Line, Colour and Light'
24 Demonstration
Richard Alred: 'Chalk Pastel Landscape'

  1 Fabric/collage workshop
Christine Rayner
Some materials provided, but bring fabric scraps and glue, if you have some, plus A3 fabric or paper and sharp scissors
  8 Christmas still life
Bring something paintable and/or edible

  5 Illustrated talk
Graham Alcock: 'Can You Believe Your Eyes? The differences between vision and perception'
12 Demonstration
Sandra Wallace: ' Painting with Textiles'
19 Still life workshop
Ian Hobson: 'Bending the Rules of Watercolour'
Bring paints and paper
26 Illustrated talk
Malcolm Oxley: 'Charles I and Early Stuart Art Collectors'

  2 Demonstration
John Hassall: 'Plaster Relief & Acrylics'
  9 Workshop
Katherine Oubridge: 'Another Go at Low-tech Print Making (can be messy)'
16 Illustrated talk
Patrick Eyres: 'Wentworth, the Continuing Story'
23 Costume life
Mildred Foster
Bring your favorite materials

  2 Watercolour demonstration
Tony Cowlishaw: 'Sailing Barge in Creek - Evening Light'
  9 Workshop
Suzan Bridge: 'Free Flow Flower Painting'
Bring your own materials
16 Illustrated talk
Dave Weldrake, Archaeologist and Heritage Educator: 'Rock Art of Ilkley Moor'
23 Picture night
Ian Terry
Bring your problem paintings (finished or unfinished) for help and advice
30 Presentation/Demonstration
Jane Lazenby: 'Coloured Pencil Art' including layering techniques

  6 No meeting (Easter holiday)
13 Portrait workshop
Pam Bumby
Bring your favourite materials
Last evening for Spring Exhibition entries
20 Illustated talk
Janet Pickering: '800 Years of German Women Artists!!!'
27 AGM
Please support your club by attending if you can

  4 No meeting (May Day Bank Holiday)
  9 Menston Spring Exhibition
10 Menston Spring Exhibition
11 Acrylic demonstration
Greg Learmonth: 'Light, Colour & Atmosphere'
18 Workshop
Barbara Davy: 'Knots & Tangles'
Bring drawing and/or painting materials, plus rope, string, netting, chain, wool
25 No meeting (Spring Bank Holiday)

  1 Demonstration
Robert Hughes: 'Landscape in Oil'
  8 Illustrated talk
Katherine Oubridge: 'How Works of Art are Looked at in Different Contexts'
[Cancelled due to illness]
15 Workshop
Tracey Krupianka: 'Landscape'
Bring paints, paper and landscape photos if you have any
22 Demonstration
Nina Pickup: 'Watercolour Landscape'
29 Workshop
Bring paints or pastels, a blank sheet and photos for other members to paint

  6 Social evening