Syllabus for 2013 - 2014

  2 Membership and book swap
Re-join the club, order materials and bring art books to swap
  9 Workshop
Tracey Krupianka
Bring your favourite materials
16 Demonstration
Stephen Coates: 'Watercolour Reflections'
23 Demonstration
Chris Wormald: 'Clay Sculpture'
30 Picture night
Pam Bumby and Tom Thomson
Bring your problem paintings (finished or unfinished) for help and advice

  7 Illustrated talk
Peter Bradshaw: 'The Great Pyramid'
14 Life class
John Ridyard
Bring paper and pencils or paint etc.
21 Illustrated talk
John Billingsley: 'The Luck is on the House; traditional protective designs and artefacts'
28 Talk and Demonstration
Brenda Chappell
Caran d'Ache art products

  4 Illustrated talk
Steve Drinkall, photographer: 'Wildlife and Wild Places'
11 Demonstration
Sue Ford: 'A Street Scene in Collage'
16 Menston Autumn Exhibition
17 Menston Autumn Exhibition
18 Illustrated talk
Malcolm Oxley: 'Titian and Venetian painting'
25 Demonstration
Rosemary: 'Brush Making and Using'
Includes a set of brushes for at least one lucky member

  2 Pastel workshop
Jake Attree
Bring oil or soft pastels, and also pastel paper, if you have some
  9 Christmas Celebrations

  6 Illustrated talk
Jane Lazenby: 'The Horse in Art Through the Ages'
13 Demonstration
Mildred Foster: 'A Group of Figures in Charcoal & Watercolour'
20 Illustrated talk/demo and workshop
Sue Kershaw: 'Mosaic Methods & Materials'
27 Costume/still life (with bicycle)
Tom Thomson
Bring your favourite materials

  3 Demo/workshop
Kathryn Oubridge 'Explorations in Printmaking: the low-tech approach. An introduction to printmaking techniques'
All materials will be provided - so just bring yourselves
10 Watercolour workshop
John Ridyard
Bring own materials
17 Illustrated talk
Janet Pickering: 'Wood, Paper, Stone: a look at some German Graphic art'
24 Film night
David Myers: 'The Art of the Moving Image 2'

  3 Demonstration
Ruth Fettiss: 'Lino/Woodcut'
10 Illustrated talk
David Alred: 'The Algarve, Venice, Las Vegas and more'
17 Demonstration
Robert Brindley: 'Oil Landscape'
24 Picture night
Judith Tomlinson
Bring your problem paintings (finished or unfinished) for help and advice
31 Illustrated talk
Brian Howard: 'Emily Car (artist) of British Columbia'

  7 Workshop
Bring paints or pastels, blank sheet and photograph(s) you have not painted successfully
14 Last evening for Spring Exhibition entries
Nick Summerbell: 'Painting with Chinese Brush'
21 No meeting (Easter holiday)
28 AGM

  5 No meeting (May Bank Holiday)
10 Menston Spring Exhibition
11 Menston Spring Exhibition
12 Talk/workshop
Keith Arrowsmith: 'A Light-hearted History of Drawing and Painting'
Plus a portraiture demo and workshop - bring pencils and paper etc.
19 Demonstration
Granville Danny Clark, TV artist: 'Watercolour Dynamics: landscape composition, fluid skies,
impressionist and realism, the green factor solved, and more!'
26 No meeting (Spring Bank Holiday)

  2 Demonstration
Iain Will: 'An Illustrated Talk and Demonstration of Wildlife Painting using Oils on Acrylics'
  9 Illustrated talk
Valery Shepherd: 'Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden. Graphic Artists'
16 Origami workshop
Katie Chaplin of Japan Crafts
23 Illustrated talk
Alex Purves: 'Artists and Their Habitats - Studios: places of work and inspiration - from Rembrandt to the present'
30 Still life
Angela Hammond
Bring your favourite materials

  7 Social evening