Syllabus for 2012 - 2013

  3 Membership
Re-join the club and order materials
10 Demonstration
Robert Dutton: 'Expressive loose pastels on watercolour paper - coastal subject'
17 Talk plus short film
Lorna Bird: 'Ilkley Art Trail'
24 Workshop
Bring paints or pastels, blank sheet and photo(s) you have painted successfully

  1 Picture night
John Ridyard
Bring your problem paintings
  8 Illustrated talk
Geoff Spurr: 'A look at life on the inland waterways'
15 Film(s)
David Myers: 'The art of the moving image'
22 Demonstration
Bruce Mulcahy: 'Working with gouache'
Last evening for Autumn exhibition entries
29 Life class
Caroline Hardaker:
Members only

  5 Illustrated talk
Anthony Slinn: 'Picasso'
12 Demonstration
Griff Griffiths: 'Watercolour painting'
17 Menston Autumn Exhibition
18 Menston Autumn Exhibition
19 Workshop
Lucy Smith: 'Soft pastel landscapes'
26 Illustrated talk and demonstration
Jenny Stacey: 'Family foundling and bags and boxes'

  3 Demonstration
Tracey Krupianka: 'African scene in acrylics'
10 Christmas celebrations

  7 Demonstration
Mike Dobson: 'Watercolour Landscape'
14 Illustrated talk
Trevor Moody: 'Frank Sutcliffe, Victorian photographer. Also, East Riddlesden Hall'
21 Workshop (cancelled due to snow)
Tracey Krupianka: 'Painting an African Scene'
Bring paints (acrylics preferred)
28 Talk/workshop
Linda Birkinshaw: 'Illustration and Pop-ups'

  4 Demonstration/workshop
Kelly Cox: 'Caricatures'
Bring pencils & paper
11 Demonstration
Four artists/members
18 Illustrated talk
George Morris: 'Western American adventure'
25 Costume life
Trevor Ward

  4 Demonstration/workshop
Phil Taylor: 'Perspective'.
Bring pencils & paper
11 Talk
Katie Chaplin: 'Kimono'
18 Workshop
David Waddington
Bring indian ink, if you have it
25 Illustrated talk
John Billingsley: 'Archaic heads and more'

  1 No meeting
  8 Demonstration
Paul Talbot-Greaves: 'Buildings in watercolour'
15 Illustrated talk
Janet Pickering: 'Emil Nolde and the Case of the Unpainted Paintings'
Last evening for Spring exhibition entries
22 Workshop
Bronwen and Rowena: 'Wet and dry felting'
29 AGM

  6 No meeting
11 Menston Spring Exhibition
12 Menston Spring Exhibition
13 Demonstration
Jeremy Ford: 'Chalk pastel landscape'
20 Illustrated talk
Glenda Hunter: 'Fountains Abbey and St Mary's Church'
27 No meeting

  3 Talk/demonstration
Alison Bramley: 'Frazzled and dazzled' (raw-edged applique)
10 Illustrated talk
Chris Helm: 'A week in May'
17 Picture night
Anne Carr
24 Workshop
Judith Tomlinson
Bring pencils & paper

  1 Social evening