Syllabus for 2011 - 2012

  5 Club membership and order materials
12 Demonstration
Rob Wareing: 'Portrait in oil'.
19 Illustrated talk
Adam White: 'Lotherton Hall'.
26 Workshop (members only)
Sam Pattison O'Brian: 'Drawing - using the left and right sides of the brain'.
Last chance to order discount materials.

  3 Demonstration
Peter Wooley: 'Painting an Autumn scene in watercolour'.
10 Illustrated talk
Jennie Smith: 'German expressionism - Brucke and the Blue Rider Group'.
17 Picture night
Jane Parkin: please bring a work for appraisal.
24 Illustrated talk
Patrick Ayres: 'Studley Royal and Hackfall Woods'.
Last evening for Autumn exhibition entries.
19 Life drawing
Pam Ackroyd.

  7 Demonstration
John Hassall: 'Working in mixed media'.
12 Menston Autumn Exhibition.
13 Menston Autumn Exhibition.
14 Illustrated talk
Barry Wilkinson: 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Burrell Collection'.
21 Workshop (members only)
Sue Ross: 'Mark making'.
Please bring your own paper, soft pencils and a putty rubber.
28 Demonstration
Alan Flood: 'Figure group in oil'.

  5 Illustrated talk
George Morris: 'Alaska, the Yukon and the Rocky Mountains'.
12 Christmas celebrations.

  2 No meeting
19 Demonstration and Workshop
Jane Russel: 'Making books'.
16 Illustrated talk
Graeme Wilson: 'Piero della Francesca and the Early Renaissance'.
23 Workshop
Still life: 'Bygones'.
Please bring your own painting and drawing materials.
28 Handing-in day for Manor House Exhibition.
29 Handing-in day for Manor House Exhibition.
30 Picture night
Trevor Ward: please bring a work for appraisal.

  4 Manor House Exhibition opens.
  6 Illustrated talk
Janet Pickering: 'Castles in the air - almost'.
13 Talk and Demonstration
Barbara Wilkinson: 'Kiln-fired art'.
20 Demonstration
David Woolas: 'Winter Landscape in pastel'.
16 Four of our members' work
To share their methods and secrets.

  5 Demonstration
Jake Atree: 'Working with oil pastels'.
12 Illustrated talk/Workshop
Judi Rich: 'Experiments with mixed media'.
Background paper is provided.
19 Illustrated talk
Alex Purves: 'Wright of Derby and other painters of artificial light'.
26 Workshop (members only)
John Ridyard: 'Portraits - see your subject softly'.

  2 Practical
Tevor Ward: 'Drawing and painting still life'.
  8 Manor House Exhibition ends.
  9 No meeting
16 Illustrated talk
Susan and John Ridyard: 'Venice'.
Last evening for Spring exhibition entries
23 Demonstration
Tony Hagan: 'A seascape in oil'.
30 AGM

  7 No meeting
12 Menston Spring Exhibition.
13 Menston Spring Exhibition.
14 Illustrated talk
Antonia Lovelace: 'African art'.
21 Picture night
John Ridyard
28* Demonstration
Dave Stansfield: 'Watercolour'.

  4 No meeting
11 Demonstration
Rosemary Abrahams: 'Surface texture'.
18 Illustrated talk
Paul Goodman: 'Art and Photography'.
25 Workshop
John Ridyard: 'Costume life'.

  2 Social evening

  3 Club membership and order materials

*Programme change